Cor de la Bryere

Calypso II


Calypso II * 1974 ( Holsteiner by Cor de la Bryere x Heissporn/ Lorention Stamm 6582). His dam Tabelle had with the full brothers Calypso I – V five graded stallions sired by Cor de la Bryere. The most influent of the brothers Calypso II made himself a name as the sire of the outstanding stallion “Contender” (Holsteiner by Calypso II x Ramiro Z/ Ladykiller). He also being recognized as being an outstanding and important dam sire. You can find his name in the pedigree of such successful horses like Clinton I (Holsteiner by Carolus I x Calypso II/Royal Wash) and many more.


Other stallion out of this Stamm

Askari, B., * Holst. 97, v. Acord II u. Elypse I v. Lavall I-Cor de la Bryère
Calgary, B., * Holst. 84 v. Cor de la Bryère u. Jovis v. Ladykiller xx-Heißsporn
Casallando, B., * Holst. 2004, v. Casall u. Fürstin I v. Landgraf I-Cor de la Bryère
Congress, B., * Holst. 66, v. Consul u. Tabelle v.Heißsporn-Lorentin
Flamberg, B., * Holst. 68, v. Fanfar u. Salmei v. Heißsporn-Lorentin
Franat, B., * Holst. 79, v. Fasolt u. Jovis v. Ladykiller xx-Heißsporn
Fürst Calypso, Db., * Holst. 98, v. Franklin u. Fürstin I v. Landgraf I-Cor de la Bryère
Lehnbach, Db., * Holst. 94, v. Landgraf I u. Violis v. Othello-Marlon xx
Limmerick, Db., * Holst. 90, v. Lancer II u. Zierblüte v. Caletto II-Landgraf I
and the internationally successful dressage horse

Granat (v. Consul u. Salmei v. Heißsporn) Christine Stückelberger (SUI)