Breeding Consulting

Whether you are already a professional horse breeder or just a horse enthusiast thinking about breeding your first foal, we can help you optimise this process from choosing the right parent animals to the time your foal is born and can help you to let this horse make its way to a successful sport horse career.

Breeding success is influenced by many factors, however with our knowledge about German horse breeding history we are able to advise and support you to make the right decisions. German warmblood breeding has a long and successful history in producing the most successful show jumpers and dressage horses all over the world.

What we can help you with:

  • Starting your own breeding by choosing the right mare. We can help you to find the mare of your dreams. Good contacts to breeders all over Germany allow us to offer you both proven breeding mares who have bred already and young maiden mares. Speak with us we are able to find the bloodline you are looking for.
  • Finding the most suitable stallion for your mare. There is a wide variety of stallions available to German breeders. We are able to make them also available for your mares. We are up to date what happens on German stallion approvals to ensure that we can keep you updated which are the new and upcoming stallions and what sires are proving to be real sport horse makers.
  • Getting the semen you are looking for. Within Europe most of the stallions are available for AI with fresh (chilled) semen. For all breeders overseas we are able to find stallions available via frozen semen. Together with the stallion keepers we will make sure that fresh semen arrives in time and frozen semen meets the highest quality standards.
  • Stabling and feeding advice. How to keep and exercise your mares during pregnancy, how to make the time of birth as uncomplicated and safe as possible, how to feed the mare while in foal and after it has given birth. These are all important factors needed to breed a healthy successful sport horse and as a professional breeder very important to your financial success
  • Weaning and upbringing. How to keep the stress at weaning to a minimum. How and when to separate your mare and foal. How to find the perfect pack to raise your colt or filly. How to feed and exercise colts and fillies.
  • Further career. When to start training your offspring. Does your colt have stallion potential? Do you want to breed your filly before starting it? How to find the perfect rider for my horse.
  • Sales. During all phases we will help you to market your foal or youngster.


Please contact us and we will be more than happy to talk with you about how we can help you to start or optimise your own breeding program.