Capitol I

The breeding line of Holsteiner horses is complex and occasionally hard to understand. The so successful Holsteiner sport horse breed is based on strict selected mare lines the so called “Stamm” and the intelligent insertion of Thoroughbred blood one the sire site. Breeders spend a lifetime to understand the best bloodline combinations to keep the highest level of sport horses breed the Holsteiner horse is know for allover the world. To provide a small insight into the secrets success of German horse breeding we put together some information about the most important Holsteiner stallion and mare lines.

Capitol I (Holsteiner by Capitano x Maximus) 02 May, 1975 –28 September 1999 Stamm 173

The best known name in Holsteins show jumping breeding. Sir of many outstanding international sport horses and breeding stallions. First to discuss would be the pedigree of Capitol that is subject to heated discussions in recent years. There is no doubt on the Holsteiner mare Folia as Capitols dam and also her pedigree is immaculate. Also clearly proven is that Capitol is sired by Capitano while his pedigree provokes discussions. Officially Capitanos pedigree looks like the following:

There are no doubts on Capitanos dam side; however there are doubts that Corporal really is his sire. One of the main arguments against Corporal as the sire is that all of Capitanos offspring is gray, a fact only possible having a homozygous gray parent couple. So while Capitanos dam Retina was gray, his official sire Corperal was dark bay. It is therefore much more likely that Capitano was sired by the first male offspring of the famous mare Vase which was called Grand Vikar. Capitanos pedigree would therefore look like followed:

This change would make Capitanos pedigree even more interesting as this would give him the great Angloarabian Ramzes not only as his dam sire but also as the sire of his sires dam. Knowing that Capitols dam Folia also is Vases daughter would link his pedigree three times to  the stallion Ramzes and his outstanding breeding success is often discussed in connection with the subject of inbreeding.

In which way ever Capitol I is carrying the genes of the outstanding Thoroughbred Cottage Son xx combined with the Anglo Arabian Ramzes AA (who’s son Raimond in combination with the Holsteiner Cottage son xx daughter Valine –Stamm 776- became sire of the so important Holsteiner stallion Ramiro) on his sire side and the combination of the well known Thoroughbred Manometer xx again in combination with the outstanding Ramzes AA on his dam site into the modern sport horse breed.

Capitol’s dame Folia (Stamm 173- Holsteiner by Maximus x Ramzes AA) is without a doubt one of the most outstanding mares in Holsteins breeding history. Next to the licensed stallions Capitol I and his full brothers Capitol II and Capitol III, she also is the dam of the licenced stallions Latus I and Latus II (Holsteiner by Landgraf I x Maximus) and Cellebrio ( Holsteiner by Caletto II x Maximus) she is also the dam of so important mares like Capitol’s full sister U-Capitola who has with Landcapitol ( Holsteiner by Landadel x Capitano), Lord Capitol ( Holsteiner by Lord x Capitana) and Quite Capitol ( Holsteiner by Quidam de Revel x Capitano) three proven sons and the mare Kausa ( Holsteiner by Freemann x Maximus) who is the dam of the licensed stallion Cadillac ( Holsteiner by Caletto II x Freemann) and the successful mare Lektion (Holsteiner by Cor de la Bryere x Maximus) who became Eventing European junior champion with Imke Dehn.

In total you can find 35 licensed stallions in Capitol’s offspring. Here we will give some info about the most rewarded once.



C-Indoctro *1990 Holsteiner by Capitol I x Caletto II/Calypso

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Cento *1989 Holsteiner by Capitol I x Caletto II/Liguster

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Cassini I

Cassini I *1988 Holsteiner by Capitol I x Caletto II/ Mahmud

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Capriol *1988 Holsteiner by Capitol I x Ladykiller/Roman

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Carthago *1987 Holsteiner by Capitol I x Calando I/ Mambo

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Calato Holsteiner by Capitol I x Landgraf I/Calypso I

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Carolus I + II

Carolus I + II Holsteiner by Capitol I x Roman/Ladykiller

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