Sport Horse Purchase

Our services at Horse Sport Consulting, how we can help you find the perfect sport horse for your needs.


  • We search and find the horse you are looking for

Working with breeders and trainers all over Germany and the Netherlands we are able to find the horse or pony you are looking for.  Dressage, show jumping and eventing horses and ponies from foal and youngster up to experienced show horses with proven show record.


  • We provide you with all Details

Photos, videos, show records, pre vetting tests and if you want, we see and test ride each horse you are interested in to ensure that they are really offer what you are looking for.

  • We welcome you in Germany

After you choose what horse to see we plan and organise a personal tour with you. We do not believe in trying 30 horses in 3 days, we first learn as much as possible about our clients and their riding upfront so that we are able to narrow down suitable horses to an enjoyable amount of test candidates. This allows you even during a short trip to come back to a horse and test it another time, something we think is crucial – another day, another feeling.


  • We take care of you during the trip

You arrive in Germany and we take care of everything else. Hotel bookings, food and entertainment, in close contact with your wishes we make it happen so that you are able to concentrate on the horses you see during the day, we do everything we can to ensure you have a comfortable, rewarding and fun time.


  • Video footage and your trainer

We believe that your home trainer plays an important part in the success of you and your horse, we therefore encourage our clients to include their trainer in the horse testing trip, so that he/she can have a direct influence of your choice. If this however is not possible, we tape all the test rides for you to allow your trainer to evaluate them online and for you to review all your rides after your trip.



  • Vetting and paperwork

We help you to ensure that vetting and all necessary paperwork is in place. We work for you, not for the seller of the horse. In close contact with respected and reputable vets we provide you with an overview of the possibilities, costs and provide results of the vetting in English. For contracting and legal advice we are able to recommend legal professionals specialised in horses.


  • Transport to your stables

We are able to recommend different professional transport companies. After you choose the one you feel comfortable with, we organize everything from paperwork and state vetting to if necessary quarantine.


Fees for full service purchase advice and viewing tours start from 750 Euros. Contact us with no obligation for an informal chat – please complete the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible


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    Please describe in as much detail as possible what you are looking for, think about ordering your perfect horse in terms of sex, height, size, colour, character, education, bloodline and whatever else you can think all helps 🙂