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Business consulting – entry to the Germany equestrian market

Do you have equestrian products or services that are currently not available for sale in Germany? We can help you assess the domestic German market for your products or services and lead you through the full process of getting your equestrian products / services onto the market successfully. Typically language barriers and lack of contacts are major barriers for many companies that would like to exploit the highly lucrative German equestrian market. Horse Sport Consulting is able to help you assess the market, develop and implement a winning sales and marketing strategy and lead you to success with minimum risk.

What Horse Sport Consulting brings you is language, in-depth knowledge of how to successfully do business in Germany and of course our network of contacts to get you started.

What we can help you with:

  • Market evaluation. The first step is to assess the market to understand the market potential and full analysis of competition.  This first crucial stage will give you a thorough overview of whether your product or service could be successful in Germany.
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy. Once you are happy that you would like to take the steps to enter the German market we will work closely with you to develop a successful and sensible sales and marketing strategy.
  • Online and offline marketing material. We are able to deliver a complete package from branding, web design and development, to flyers and catalogs.  All in native German to guarantee full customer satisfaction.
  • Exhibitions. We have in depth knowledge of the most important shows and exhibitions and can organize the exhibition of your equestrian products or services at the most relevant and important shows and exhibitions in Germany
  • Recruitment. Once your operation is underway you may need local sales staff and local management depending on the size of the operation. We can assist you in finding and initially interviewing  suitable members of staff as well as advising on the legal requirements relating to employing staff  in Germany.

Business consulting – Breeders

You concentrate on breeding and producing high quality horses, we make sure they sell!!! Breeding and selling horses in the current economical climate is not easy, but new worldwide markets for horse buyers opening up every day. At Horse Sport Consulting we are able to help breeders optimizing their outcome by providing  efficient online and offline marketing  strategies and optimizing existing patterns of every day business operation.

Please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss our services with you in complete confidence