Horse breeding in Europe

Dressage stallions                  Show jumping stallions                      Thoroughbred and Anglo Arabian stallions

Germany has over 70.000 active warm blood breeding mares and nearly 4000 licensed breeding stallions producing over 35.000 warmblood foals every year. So if you are looking for a new partner to successfully compete in the dressage sport you should consider buying a horse or sport pony in Germany as the top breedlines have led to international show success for decades. The search for the right horse can be difficult even if you speak the language, without, it can become a troublesome adventure. At Horse Sport Consulting we want to help you to find the right horse. Whether you are looking for a youngster to produce yourself, a junior/young rider horse that can bring you to national and international finals, a horse to do the step into advanced classes or a broodmare to breed your own next Olympic champion we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

Most German breeders and producers still sell their horses the old way via word of mouth; they typically do not have up to date websites and do not advertise their horses on classified websites therefore many excellent horses are just not visible to the public. Often horses are not ‘officially’ for sale however they can be made available for sale when a suitable buyer is presented. This is where we can help you. We are well connected to the German horse scene and know what horses are out there and can find the right partner for you. We are absolutely independent which gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect horse regardless of the breeder, producer or trainer. We are working for you and are not affiliated to any single breeder, dealer or producer. Our service is transparent and straight forward, we always aim to create a great relationship with the people who use our service and are there to help with all requirements also after the horse is at your stable.

We have provided some general Information on our website in order to give you an idea about the services we offer, an indication of the costs associated with importing a sport horse from Germany and how we can help you to find the perfect sport horse for your needs. Purchasing directly from Germany will give you the opportunity to dramatically increase your choice of sport horse at the best possible price. Our contacts and experience will ensure that the whole transaction is as stress free as possible. For more information please feel free to call or email us, we would love to hear from you.