Equitation and hunter horses for sale

Hunter Seat Equitation is a division that is judged on the ability and the style of the rider. The riders are judged not only on their ability to negotiate a course of jumps on their horses, but also on their style and position while they do it.  Below is a small selection of horses with a big stride, relaxed rhythm, soft jump, excellent flatwork and brave mind. All with enough scope to take you all the way to 3″6.

Subjectively judged, the modern show ring hunter must still exhibit the traits desired of a good field hunter— calm disposition, good manners, smooth gaits, steady way of going, and pleasant and efficient jumping ability— but must do so with style, presence and superior technique. We help you finding the horse to show the perfect round in the hunter ring.

Much more horses are available that are not displayed on the website, contact us and we will help you finding the perfect Equitation or hunter partner.

At Horse Sport Consulting we will help you finding the perfect horse to win the ribbons.


*2011 gelding by Plot Blue

Show jumping *2011 gelding Plot Blue

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*2010 mare youngster perfect jr/yr horse

Show jumping/ hunter /breeding Holsteiner mare 130 cm

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*2010 gelding Holstein youngster classes 130cm

show jumping *2010 gelding winner 130cm

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*2010 licensed stallion young horses 130 cm

*2010 show jumping licensed stallion

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*2008 stallion by Stakkatol

SOLD *2008 stallion by Stakkatol

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