Competition levels

Levels are unique to the national equestrian federations below we tried to give you an overview


US                                       UK                                                      GER                             NED

Intro                               Intro                                                    E
Training Level            Prelim                                                  A
First        Level             Novice                                                 L
Second  Level              Elementary                                       M*
Third      Level              Medium                                              M**
Fourth   Level              Advanced                                          S


– (walk & trot tests)
– (working trot & canter)
– (medium walk, trot & canter, counter canter ,rein back)
– (leg yield, collected trot & canter, simple changes)
– (shoulder-in, half pass, extended & collected walk, extended trot & canter, travers, half walk pirouettes,
– (flying change)
(4 times changes)