Florestan I

Florestan I Rheinlander by Fidelio x Rheingold ( born 1986)

With his 25 years he is one of the last great bloodline founders alive. Florestan I achieved something that no sire before him had achieved. He is the sire of 3 world champions of the young Dressage horses.


Fuerst Heinrich ( Westphalien by Florestan I x Donnerhall ) who died much too young in 2005,  winning 2003 the class of the 5 year old dressage horses and in 2004 Florestan I is the sire of both winners the five year old Florencio (Westphalien by Florestan I x Rubinstein I ) and the six year old FBW French Kiss ( Baden – Wuerttemberg by Florestan I x  Donnerhall ).

The outstanding success of his offspring make Florestan I the most important Westphalien sire of the last 30 years. He can already look back on 90 licensed sons and over 200 daughters with the predicate “Staatsprämie” under those stallions you can find such important sires as Fidermark NRW ( Westphalien by Florestan I x Werther ) who himself left before his sudden death in 2003 over 35 licensed stallion offspring and over 100 “Staatsprämien” mares